Renovations That Make the Most Impact When Modernizing Your

Your beautiful home has been seeing a lot of you lately, and what better way to finish a pandemic than to spruce up some of the things it’s lacking? After all, both you and your family can enjoy friends and parties soon, too. When thinking about modernizing, what gives you the most for your money?

Remodel Your Kitchen

More than any other space in the home, the kitchen can look dated the most quickly. This isn’t a bad thing in vintage spaces, of course, but if you have a newer build, it can look weary and in need of repair. But, according to MyMove, it can also be the most expensive remodel, so plan your finances accordingly. Choosing classical designs and beautiful textures for tiling makes it so your kitchen won’t need updating for decades to come.

Replace Your Carpet With Hardwood

Besides a dated kitchen, nothing gets wearier or receives more wear in a house than the carpeting. Replacing your carpet with hardwood is a great plan. Hardwood, whether standard or bamboo or cork styles of hard flooring, is surprisingly ecologically friendly, as it can last not just for years but for generations. However, according to Removal Tech, carpet is more difficult to remove than you might think. It’s a good plan to allow someone who has the specialized tools and team to do this kind of repair and replace. Otherwise, a week-long remodel could stretch into a DIY project of several years.

Work on the Walls

Not surprisingly, color trends move in and out. According to HPD, a great, inexpensive way to modernize a home is to change the walls. Leftover bits of tacky wallpaper trim in the back bath or around the cabinets? That can come down! Walls painted flat grey or beige? Beige is out, while warm, less neutral colors are coming into fashion as America comes out of a pandemic. Go ahead and choose something that brings you peace and joy, and which sets off the colors of your furniture and artwork!

After a stressful year, you’re probably ready to host parties and family gatherings again (when safe)! Prepare ahead by making your necessary and desired changes, now, and beat the rush. Making your home feel more “you” while customizing will create that modern home look you love.

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