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    Ramsey Creek is a full-service remodeling contractor that has been serving the local community of Kalona and Iowa City, Iowa since 1990. With 30 years in business, we have become one of the leading woodworking contractors in the region. We would, however, be nothing without our experienced team.

    Our in-house team features talented cabinet makers, skilled trim carpenters, and superior designers. As a bonus, our co-owners have over 70 years of combined construction, architectural, and woodworking experience.

    Over the years, it has become our mission to provide our clients with the remodeling and cabinetry services they deserve. We will do everything we can to create beautiful, dependable results that you will be proud to call your own and will enjoy for years to come. We strive to help our clients live rooted in luxury.

    Interior Design Iowa City

    Interior Design Secrets You Have to Know

    Creating a beautiful house is often a tough task because you’ll need to fully understand the design of both the interior and the exterior. The former element is particularly challenging for many. Thankfully, the best interior design in Iowa City, Iowa doesn’t have to be impossible to figure out. The tips below are all things that we at Ramsey Creek have learned over the years. By following these concepts when upgrading or designing your home, you make sure that it is not only as healthy as possible but also gorgeous and memorable for you and anybody who visits you.

    Powder Coatings Help Improve Bathroom Designs

    Here’s one that you’re not likely to hear from many interior design professionals: powder coatings are an excellent choice for your bathroom appliances. There are a few reasons that you may not get this advice from some professionals. First of all, some might not even know about them. Secondly, others may try to keep them a secret so that they can add them to your home later and charge you more.

    That’s why we’re giving you this advice now: to save you money and a little time. Powder coatings are a great choice because they help to add a little pop of color to your metal appliances and help them look even more striking. Just as importantly – perhaps more so for some – these coatings help to add extra strength to the surface and keep them from degrading in unfortunate ways over the years.

    So, where should you add these types of coatings? Typically, you’re going to want to coat items such as the towel ring, the faucet area, and any place where you think you need a little pop in your bathroom. Technically, you could powder coat every metal surface in your bathroom if you wanted. Many people do just that to achieve an attractive look. But you may want to hold back if you think this upgrade is a bit too heavy-handed.

    Keep Your Colors Within a Reasonable Range

    You may have heard many interior design experts say that you should never mix and match colors in a room and should always have a uniform style. This suggestion is understandable because many professionals don’t want homeowners to make mistakes that could make their homes very unattractive. However, there are a few situations in which it is okay to use multiple colors in a room.

    The idea here is that you want to create a specific palette of colors that you don’t stray from in your room. Most experts – including us – suggest no more than four tones for a single place. You may want to try out three, as well, because this number often balances the best, and it is easier to adjust if you need to change up styles in your home. Follow this pattern to create a very consistent look in your home.

    If you want to integrate more colors, there is a fun way to do it. Start by picking a handful of colors in one room and then changing one color in the next. Keep the other colors the same but change up one more when you get to another place. Follow this pattern, and you can get to the end of your home with a whole new color scheme that still feels natural and coherent with the rest of your interior.

    Keep Your Bathrooms Bold and Fun

    The bathroom is one of those areas that you might not take seriously when considering your interior design. However, its beauty and style must match that of the rest of your house if you want it to be taken seriously. As a result, you need to do what you can to make sure that your bathroom is as attractive as possible. We suggest getting a bit bold in this room and using some surprising ideas.

    For example, bold and bright wallpaper in a bathroom can help it feel more intelligent and more open. Since this room is often small and may lack windows, this step is particularly essential for many homes. You can also use your wallpaper to hide areas that are unattractive, such as spots around pipes or water damage from previous homeowners. Make sure to fix this damage, though, before you cover it.

    Beyond the wallpaper, you could also use eye-catching flooring, geometric shapes or textures, and much more to make the bathroom feel more appealing. A large wall-length mirror is beneficial here because it not only helps to make the room feel more extensive but also makes it easier for multiple people to get ready in the bathroom at the same time in the morning.

    Pay Attention to Art and Patterns

    Lastly, it would help if you made sure that your interior design gets upgraded with a variety of art and pattern styles that help to make it more attractive and engaging. For example, large pieces of art in small places – such as a wall-sized painting – help a small room feel larger and more open. In this way, you can trick the mind and your perception into feeling happier and more comfortable in smaller rooms.

    And you can also use various patterns and colors to create unique effects. For example, a living room with red walls or carpets feels alive and exciting, mainly if you use large, sharp, and bold patterns. However, you may also want to use lighter colors in bedrooms – such as blue – to relax the mind and very intricate and soft designs to make the room more accessible for people to enjoy.

    All of these styles and design options are very subtle and may take some time and effort to master properly. If you aren’t sure where to begin or have little experience with this type of work, you may want to reach out to professionals to get help.

    Let Us Help Your Home

    As you can see, the best interior design in Iowa City, Iowa is within your grasp. All you have to do is have the ability to make great choices, a keen designer’s eye, and a renovation team in your corner who knows what they are doing. At Ramsey Creek, we have years of experience in this field and know how to help you succeed.

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