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    Ramsey Creek is a full-service remodeling contractor that has been serving the local community of Kalona and Iowa City, Iowa since 1990. With 30 years in business, we have become one of the leading woodworking contractors in the region. We would, however, be nothing without our experienced team.

    Our in-house team features talented cabinet makers, skilled trim carpenters, and superior designers. As a bonus, our co-owners have over 70 years of combined construction, architectural, and woodworking experience.

    Over the years, it has become our mission to provide our clients with the remodeling and cabinetry services they deserve. We will do everything we can to create beautiful, dependable results that you will be proud to call your own and will enjoy for years to come. We strive to help our clients live rooted in luxury.

    Home Remodeling Iowa City

    Home Remodeling Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

    Renovating a home is a beneficial process more than worth the struggle, but it can be quite frustrating if not performed correctly. Thankfully, the best home remodeling in Iowa City, Iowa is possible if you follow the advice below. We at Ramsey Creek have seen too many homeowners make these errors and want to make sure that they don’t end up affecting you and your progress on your home.

    Building Too Soon

    Many homeowners want to get into home remodeling as soon as possible. This excitement is understandable – remaking a home is fun and can create fresh new styles that make your house look even better than before. That said, you shouldn’t go off the handle and try to build too much in your new home before you have correctly done all the preparation needed for this process.

    For example, you need to make sure that you have planned everything, including your budget, to ensure that things go smoothly. This step includes checking how much you’re paying the builders, what upgrades you plan on doing, and much more. All of these steps will take some time and add to your wait but are more than worth it if you get the high-quality home that you deserve at a reasonable price.

    Cutting Corners on Building Materials

    Many homeowners believe that they can cut back on certain expenses – like high-quality building materials – to save themselves money. This mistake is one that too many people make and will ultimately always come back to haunt you. That’s because the materials that you use to build your home are critical to your overall success and, if they fail, could leave your renovation ruined for good.

    That doesn’t mean that you have to spend the most money on the materials you use. That mistake is another one that many homeowners make – assuming that “expensive” means “good.” That isn’t always the case. Instead, it would help if you took the time to investigate what types of materials will work the best for your needs to ensure that you get them properly installed and utilized in your home.

    Ignoring the Time of Year

    When it comes to remodeling, you need to try to build during times when it makes the most sense. For example, some people try to build during the winter, believing that they can save themselves money by contacting builders when they aren’t busy. And if you’re doing interior renovations, this may be a good time to call. Unfortunately, outdoor or exterior upgrades will be much harder to perform in the winter.

    Likewise, doing extensive outdoor renovations during the hottest part of the year can also be tough but is often the best choice. That’s because waiting for the spring or fall may expose them to excessive rain that could also cause complications. The best advice to take away from this situation is that it is usually better to wait for the warm seasons and to focus your building on these times whenever possible.

    Not Planning for Mistakes

    When you’re building a new home or renovating an old one, you need to make sure that you budget in some room for errors and understand that mistakes may happen. That’s because there’s a good chance that a problem could occur that makes it harder to finish the job on time. In some situations, it may even be necessary to do upgrades to fix the errors or even full repairs in many areas.

    This situation can be understandably quite frustrating. However, there isn’t much that can be done for it but to pay for these fixes. Make sure that you budget at least 15-20 percent extra to ensure that you can cover these repairs. Though you might not need all of this money, it is better to have it when it is available and to have the leftover funds if it is not required to pay for excessive fixes. And you can then use that extra money to manage any other expenses that you may incur during the building process in your home.

    Creating Too High of Expectations

    Lastly, it would help if you made sure that your expectations about this experience are reasonable. Many people watch home improvement shows on television and think that upgrading a home is a piece of cake. That idea is far from the truth. Remember: these are edited programs that only highlight the aspects of a home renovation that is successful or is done correctly. Lots of mistakes are cut out entirely. This choice not only helps the shows flow more smoothly but makes home remodeling seem a lot easier.

    But when you’re upgrading your home, you don’t have a piece of editing software that can help you skip past problems. You need to understand that these issues are likely to happen and that they must be managed appropriately. In this way, you can ensure that you get the best possible experience for your home and don’t run into any complications. Doing so will keep your home in great shape for years to come. And it can also help you save money by avoiding common mistakes that impact the development of your home and property.

    Don’t Neglect Professional Help

    As you can see, the best home remodeling in Iowa City, Iowa doesn’t have to be a significant challenge. All you need to do is avoid these common mistakes and contact us at Ramsey Creek right away. Our professionals are always standing by to talk to people like you and give you the advice that you need. With our years of experience, you can rest assured that your renovations will go smoothly.

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