Qualities of a Well-Designed Kitchen Layout

There are few areas of a home that are as challenging to design and as important to the functionality of your home as a well-designed kitchen. The art of designing a kitchen is one that few people have mastered. There are a lot of aspects to the perfect kitchen, and some of them directly compete, making striking the perfect balance a game of inches that is easy to lose. But with a little bit of planning and patience, you can design the perfect kitchen. Here are three qualities of a well-designed kitchen layout that you should focus on when designing your kitchen.

Enough Storage Space

The first quality of a well-designed kitchen layout is having enough storage space. All too often a kitchen may be aesthetically beautiful and have a smartly designed workflow, but if it doesn’t have enough storage space, then it is useless. The truth is there are a lot of supplies, tools, utensils, and appliances that are needed in a kitchen, not to mention all the food and pantry items that also need to be easily accessible while cooking. Always plan for more storage than you think you might need, because believe us, you will need it.

The Kitchen Triangle

Another key quality to designing the perfect kitchen layout is building the kitchen triangle. The kitchen triangle is a design principle that has been around since the twentieth century, and up to today nobody has come up with any design that is better. The kitchen triangle basically states that the fridge, stove, and sink should form a triangle with no side shorter than four feet and no side longer than nine feet. According to Pierce Design + Build, the kitchen triangle layout helps increase efficiency while cooking. If you are designing a kitchen, it is in your best interest to use the kitchen triangle principle.

Consider Counter Space

The final quality that is essential to a well-designed kitchen is making sure that your counter space is plentiful and usable. Kitchn reminds us that having enough counter space is essential to being able to cook in your kitchen. But just having counterspace isn’t enough, it also needs to be usable space. This means that huge kitchen islands where you can’t reach the center, that is unusable space. Tiny corners of the kitchen that have counter space, not usable. Make sure you are designing in such a way that open counter space is usable for cooking.

Designing the perfect kitchen is a difficult endeavor that many people struggle with. But with the right guiding principles in mind, you can create a kitchen with effortless beauty and functionality. Focus on these three qualities when designing your kitchen to ensure the perfect layout.

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