Interior Design Tricks That Can Change the Mood in Your Home

The way a home is decorated can make a big impact on its overall aesthetic, as well as the ambiance of your home. So, if you are hoping that your home evokes a certain mood, you will want to pay close attention to its interior design. Here are a couple of ways that you can change the mood of a room via its design.

Add Color

According to The Art of Simple, color can make a big impact on the overall mood of your home. For example, while warm or dark colors can produce feelings of comfort and hominess, they can also make the room feel smaller, or even hostile. For this reason, most people choose cool colors, like blues and light greys, which tend to evoke feelings of calmness, openness, and tranquility. When in doubt, go for lighter colors and neutral/cool tones—they will never do you wrong.

Control Lighting

Lighting can also make a big difference regarding the ambiance of a room. The two most important characteristics you will want to look for in lighting include the temperature of the light and the intensity of the light. Bright lights often have bluish undertones while low lights tend to give off warmer tones. Furthermore, the type of bulb will either produce warm light or cool light. Therefore, depending on the color of the room and the amount of natural light coming in from windows, you should consider what type of bulb and light intensity is best.

According to Complete Dezign, you should also consider utilizing natural light in your home. Natural light has been shown to not only improve the aesthetics of a room but it can also improve the overall mood of those living in the home. After all, natural light is a natural calming agent.

Create Space

Lastly, how you use the space of a room makes a big difference in its overall mood. An artist knows that it is important to take advantage of both negative and positive space. Without negative space, the room’s most important features will appear lost. Unless you want your home to feel cluttered and crowded, consider removing unnecessary decorations and furniture. According to Creative Something, simplicity will give your home an overall feeling of peace and ease.

Your home can be a calming, happy place—or the opposite. The mood of your home depends a lot on its design. Don’t forget to consider color, lighting, and spacing when remodeling. After all, all these characteristics can make or break a home’s intended ambiance.

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