Depending on how you choose to design your bathroom, it can become a relaxing spa-like environment, an ornate luxurious chamber, or a sleek, modern design. Vital to the design of any bathroom is its shower set up. If you are looking for a truly unique shower, there are a couple design suggestions you can choose to incorporate.

Use Tile

The base of every shower is the tile surrounding the walls. Since tile comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs, it is a great way to express your individual style on parts of your bathroom walls. You can opt for a simple and classy white square tile look or you can get a little more creative. Based on the shape of your tile, you can even make patterns using the tile directly on the wall. According to Blueprint, some people choose to use a different but still complementary design around the shower head and handles. If you have a standing shower separate from your bathtub, you can carry the tile design onto the shower floor.

Install Glass Doors

The nicest bathrooms of today no longer have shower curtains. Instead, they are built with glass doors because they give a more sophisticated look. Also, according to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, glass shower doors create the illusion of more space in your bathroom. Unlike shower curtains that are difficult to clean and can attract mold, glass doors have a much lower chance of molding, especially if you install a frameless shower door instead. If you want more privacy in your shower, you can select a textured or frosted glass instead of a standard clear glass. As an added bonus, glass doors let in more light than shower curtains, which will improve visibility in your shower and prevent you from having to install another light in the bathroom.

Choose a Shower Head

If you are looking to design a shower that is perfect for you, you also need to select a shower head that fits your needs. A removable shower head is a good choice because it is adjustable for whoever uses the shower. Additionally, most modern shower heads have different settings that control the water stream. According to Bathroom World, rain shower heads have become an increasingly popular choice because the water can come from the ceiling instead of the wall and gives a better coverage.

You have the creative liberty to mold the shower in your bathroom into your own personal spa. Designing your shower is a great way to improve your bathroom experience and can make you excited to get ready for the day. Explore all the options before you decide on one!

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