Why You Should Stay in Close Contact With Your Remodeling

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, there are a ton of different factors that you’re probably considering right now. From the style of the remodel to the cost to the choice of contractor, you have some big decisions ahead of you. As you go forward with this process, be sure to take the time to prepare so that you fully understand what you’re getting into.

Plan Ahead for the Project

One of the best reasons to stay in close contact with your contractor is the benefit of really understanding the plan for your project ahead of time. When you walk through the different stages of the process with your contractor, you can better understand the different variables that may affect the timing, the price, and the effectiveness of your remodel.

Having this deep understanding of the plan will help you be able to better self-calibrate as the project gets rolling. You’ll be prepared for any delays that eventually occur because you will have already walked through different possibilities and variables before the fact.

Discuss Budgetary Items

Additionally, working closely with your contractor allows you to understand the breakdown of different estimates. An overall estimate for a remodel project is a multi-faceted, fluctuating, complex number. And because of the nature of remodels, it’s very possible, if not likely, that the pricing will change throughout the remodel as you uncover new information in the course of the process.

Getting an itemized bid and then keeping updated with your contractor as he or she goes forward with the project will help you not only be involved in decision making that affects the price but it will also help you have peace of mind about the direction of your remodel. If a remodel ends up costing more than originally anticipated, it’s much better to be aware of those fluctuations through the course of the project than to be surprised at the end of the remodel.

Keep Track of Progress

In addition to being more complicated and sometimes more costly than you initially plan for, the timeframes for different remodels can also vary significantly depending on a variety of different factors. For example, the weather can drastically affect workers’ ability to move forward with the actual building phase of an addition. Or delayed shipment of materials could result in holding up the whole project. Keeping tabs with your contractor on the project will help you understand where your home is at in the completion process.

Stay Safe

As you work with your contractor, you should not only focus on the different design scheme aspects of your project but you should also be focused on safety. This is so essential for so many reasons. You want to not only keep the workers themselves safe, but you also want to keep your family safe. If you are performing a remodel on your house while you are still living in the house (a basement remodel for example), having a clear procedure for the discarding of waste is essential.

Self-dumping trash hoppers are often used in construction to keep the site clear of hazards. Trash hoppers are movable receptacles that can be easily emptied into dumpsters. Having one of these onsite can help ensure that any hazardous material, loose nails, or other dangerous wreckage get to a safely contained bin instead of in a loose pile somewhere outside.

Keep the Priorities the Priorities

Working closely with your contractor also enables you to prioritize the right things throughout your remodel. Work with your contractor at all stages of the remodel to decide what you want to focus on. This is especially important as you start the renovation process. As you begin the process of figuring out the stages of your project, share with your contractor the features that you care most about.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, share with your contractor that you want to have more cabinet space or that you want to ensure you have better lighting and new floors. Whatever your non-negotiables are, communicate those clearly so your contractor can understand your goals and ensure you get what you want.

Understand All the Pros and Cons

If you work closely with your contractor, you can get even more valuable advice as you make critical decisions through the course of your project. As your contractor about the different pros and cons of materials, you are interested in using and on other aspects of the remodel. Having this knowledge will help you make the most informed decisions.

Ensure You Maximize Home Value

Not only will your contractor be able to help you identify the pros and cons of different options for your particular family’s situation but working closely with your contractor could also help you better understand your home from a broader perspective.

You may initially think that you want a certain type of carpet or wall color but communicating with your contractor could help you better understand different slightly tweaked options that could increase your home value. Work with your contractor to recognize which opportunities you have as you remodel that could help you increase your home’s worth.

Keep Your Project on Schedule

Finally, if you know your contractor well, you’ll probably be able to help them stay on schedule more than if you are not involved. Not only will your involvement be motivating but working closely with your contractor means that you will be able to make key decisions quickly. Your quick response time will dramatically affect the speed of completion of your project.

Remodeling your home is exciting and scary all at once. The fear of having the project done wrong can often be crippling. But remember that if you take some of these suggestions to heart and if you choose a really good contractor that you can work closely with, you will be much more likely to succeed and will ultimately love your home’s finished look.

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