What to Do with Your Furniture While Your Flooring Is Being Redone

Redoing your flooring helps to increase the value and utility of your home. When you are updating the floor of your home, however, you will need to do something with all your furniture. Here are a few places you could consider moving your furniture to during this process!

Temporarily Relocate it in Your Home

Depending on the size of the flooring being redone, Walk on Wood Inc. says that you may be able to simply relocate your furniture in your home. This is the most convenient and cheapest option for you while your floors are being redone. You know your furniture will be safe because it will be inside your home, and you will save money from not taking it to a storage facility. This will also make it easier once the flooring is done to set your room back up.

Put it in Storage

An option for your furniture while your flooring is being redone is to put it in storage. This is a great option if you have a big job and no space inside your home to move your furniture. According to On the Move, storing your furniture in a facility that is climate controlled and protected from pests will help keep your furniture safer. This will ensure that your furniture will still be in good condition when you are done. This is an expensive option, however. You will need to pay for the time your furniture is in storage. If your flooring takes a while this could incur a great expense.

Garage or Shed

Another simple thing you can do with your furniture while your flooring is being redone is to store it in the garage or shed. This is a simpler option than putting it in storage because it takes less work to move and transport. It will stay at your home. Of course, this only works if you have the space for it by being able to park cars on a driveway or on the street and if you don’t have a full shed. Flooring America recommends you make sure that your garage or shed are waterproof so that your furniture doesn’t get damaged.

While you are redoing your floors, relocate your furniture in your home, put it in storage, or store it in the garage or shed. Moving your furniture will make sure that it won’t get damaged. Once your flooring is done you can replace the furniture and enjoy your updated space.

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