How to Radically Rethink Your Bathroom Design

Are you longing for the look of a luxury bathroom but don’t know how to accomplish it? If you have been trying to plan your bathroom remodel or design, look no further. Here are a few ideas of how to successfully plan to achieve your dream bathroom aesthetic without having to overthink or stress about the process.

Change the Color Scheme

Changing the color scheme of your bathroom is a simple enough idea, but one that can create drastic and wonderful differences. For example, if you’re wanting a light, airy bathroom vibe but your current bathroom has lots of dark browns and wood details, choosing light neutral paint and tile swatches can easily change that up. According to Good Housekeeping, there are lots of different color schemes that look beautiful in bathroom spaces. For example, if you are wanting a beachy vibe, try to pair your light neutrals with pastel blue or sea green. Include these colors not only in your paint, but in your towels, rugs, or décor. Try to draw inspiration not only from your favorite colors but also from your surroundings and the aesthetic that you’re trying to accomplish.

Make it Look Bigger

If you want a luxury size bathroom but don’t have space in your house, rethink ways in which you can make your bathroom look bigger. Light tiles paired with light wall paint can provide an airy, open environment. Having large mirrors in multiple locations will also brighten the room and make your bathroom feel more spacious. According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, glass shower doors create the illusion of a larger bathroom since you can see through to the border walls and shower tiles. Finally, adding simple, intentional décor will help your bathroom look large and classy without feeling cramped and overflowing.

Plan for Functionality

According to Discover Containers, your bathroom should be functional and enjoyable in a way that fits your lifestyle. Consider making changes to your traditional bathroom design that match your needs accordingly. For example, if you hardly ever use a bath but enjoy a luxurious shower, don’t add a Jacuzzi or statement bath. Instead, use the space to create a large, glamorous shower. You could even add in multiple shower heads for a luxurious, encompassing shower experience.

Before you start your bathroom remodel or creation, pause and radically rethink your bathroom design. If you follow these few suggestions, you’ll be well on your way to creating a special space that you never want to leave. Remember that you don’t have to follow traditional designs, but you do need to make the bathroom of your dreams.

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