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The appearance of any home is a critical factor in its value and in the enjoyment and quality of life you get from a home. And while not necessarily always the case, in general, newer homes tend to look nicer, while older homes seem to show their wear and tear more. If you happen to own an older home, however, don’t despair yet. There are still plenty of ways you can make your home look brand new that are much simpler than you think. Here are three great ways that you can make an older home look newer.

Update the Kitchen

The first thing that you can do to make an older home look newer is to update the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, making it an important area of the home to focus on. Your kitchen is also home to many expensive appliances, which can also show the age of your home. When updating your kitchen, focus on important features like the lighting, ceiling height, cabinets, and new and updated appliances. The newer your appliances are, the newer your kitchen will look regardless of any other changes you make to the space.

Replace the Floors

Another simple way to make an older home look newer is by replacing the floors. While the walls of a home may be able to last decades and decades without showing wear, flooring tends to be a different story. Your floors get a lot of use, and they can easily show scuffs and damage. Replacing beat-up and damaged flooring can revitalize the space. A clear coat finish can protect your floors from scratches and stains. Once you have replaced your flooring make sure to apply a clear coat so that you protect your investment.

Paint The Exterior

The final thing that you can do to make an older home look newer is to give a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your home. Your home’s exterior does a lot of the talking for the age of your home. If the outside of your home is obviously distressed, then freshening it up with some new paint can make your home look decades younger almost instantly.

A home should never reveal its age. To keep your older home from revealing its age, you need to take some action. With any of these three steps, you can make an older home look brand new.

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