Renovating your home benefits you in a number of ways. But when are the best times to do those renovations? That largely depends on the state of your home, the status of your home, and your financial circumstances. Here are a few situations you can feel confident are good times to renovate!

When There’s Clear Signs of Damage

At the very least, your house should provide safety and functionality. When major parts of your home are showing clear signs of damage, repairing and renovating is not just wise, it’s essential! Start with evaluating your roof. If it sags, if there are areas of missing tiles, or if there is any leaking, you need to make those repairs a priority. Your walls should receive a similar evaluation; if you notice any cracking or chipping of the walls, it could have a much bigger impact on the safety and quality of your home than you realize. Take some time to investigate and address any clear problems with plumbing, foundational issues, dust, or mold. This is an investment into your health as well as your home’s!

When You’re Selling

Buyers want to walk into a clean, fully functional home. In fact, you are obligated as a seller to inform potential buyers of any issues. If you don’t make repairs before selling, you need to disclose any issues in your home. Ironically, it can cost you as much (if not more) to have to sell your home for cheaper, or make up for issues later, than to just cover the costs of repairs before selling. Even more than repairs, though, renovations add significant value to your home that can draw more interest to your property and get you a higher price for it.

When You Are in Good Financial Standing

Renovations, of course, require a substantial financial commitment. When times come that you find yourself in particularly good financial standing, this is a good time to take advantage of your funding capabilities and renovate parts of your home. Create a more efficient, safe, updated, or aesthetic home for future residents, but more importantly for yourself! Your home should be a place you love to be in—spending some money on creating that space is a worthwhile investment.

Improvements can always be made, but it’s not always optimal timing. When these perfect times do roll around, however, jump on getting renovations going! Every renovation offers more safety, value, and enjoyment out of your property that you will not regret.

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