How to Add More Personality to Your Home During Renovations

Renovating your home is the perfect time to add personality to your home. Go beyond being a cookie cutter home to make it a reflection of you. There are many ways you can create this personality in your home.

Paint the Walls a Color You Love

When homes are built, they are typically painted more neutral colors. Very often this color will be somewhere between beige and gray. This is beneficial for a homeowner because it gives them a blank canvas, but that means the home is very plain to start with. During renovations, plan on making your house your own through paint color. The paint colors you choose should be colors you love and should reflect your personality. Pick something you know you will still like from day to day. There are so many options for painting. You don’t have to stick with a single color for your entire home. You can do different colors for different rooms or create an accent wall in a room using a darker color.

Rip Out the Carpet

Carpet is a simple thing you can change in a room to make a big difference. Carpets do have a lifespan, and old carpet can bring down a room. Just installing a newer, quality carpet can help to give a room a facelift. You can also use carpet to furnish a room and complete a design. The carpet you use can add dimension to a room. Different colors and patterns can be used to create personality. Carpets with a geometric shape and light color can create depth in a room. Carpets with an ornate pattern are eye catching, as are dark colors. You should choose a carpet that reflects the design of your renovation.

Install New Cabinets

Old cabinets can detract from the new look you are trying to achieve through renovating. You should install new cabinets to help your kitchen be a beautiful focal point. If you don’t want new ones, you could also have them professionally painted to give new life to your kitchen. Installing new ones will allow you to fully personalize the look of your kitchen. Pick a newer design and one that reflects the design of your home and your personality. You can even choose different kinds of doors, such as those with glass panes or a mix of glass and solid wood. You can add some hardware as well to give your cabinets even more personality.

Replace Doors and Windows

Replacing doors and windows is good for both home efficiency and design. Replacing your entry door can save you money by reducing drafts and heat loss. New doors and windows have better insulation and better seal to prevent the drafts. When replacing doors and windows you can also choose different styles to reflect the other changes you’ve made in your home. You should choose a material that is as nice as what you had before, or better. An added benefit of installing new doors and windows is they have a good return on investment.

A New Kitchen Island

Renovating your kitchen is a great way to add personality to your home. The kitchen is a place where most people spend a lot of their time. It is the space for preparing meals and entertaining. Your kitchen can and should reflect your personality. A big way you can add personality to your kitchen is by installing a new kitchen island in your kitchen renovation. These are truly statement pieces in your kitchen. They are utilized for extra space but can also be a center feature. Some materials that make this truly beautiful are granite or quartz. There are so many colors you can choose from as well. You can truly make this as unique as you are.

Add a Porch

Adding a porch to your home can help bring personality. A porch is a central feature of a backyard and can help to make your home more interesting and functional. A porch is a great extension of the living space of your home and a great place to entertain. You can increase the personality of your porch by adding in some furnishings and décor. Patio furniture is a great way to make this space your own and can reflect your personal style. You can add pillows with colorful patterns and designs. Adding some lighting can create a beautiful atmosphere. You can also add outdoor rugs and plants to help make it even more personalized.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can give your home more personality. There are so many kinds of wood and so many ways a hardwood floor can be finished, you can make your flooring a reflection of your style and give your home more personality. You can use exotic woods that have different colors and grains to give your home depth. Your hardwood flooring can reflect your style such as contemporary or rustic. Designs can be made with the hardwood such as adding in borders.

New Hardware

Hardware is not the first thing you would think of during your remodel. When you are already renovating, you should also replace your hardware. Updating your old hardware to something newer and more modern can increase the face lift that you give your home through renovations. You can also reflect your unique style through the different hardware you choose. Another option for hardware is to make each room unique. The hardware in a single room should be the same to keep it uniform, but there are no rules that say it should be the same all through the house. Different hardware can give your home more personality.

Adding personality to your home doesn’t have to take much, but while you are renovating your home there are so many more options. As you decide which changes to make, make sure that changes reflect your personality and style, not necessarily what is trendy. Doing this will ensure you love your renovated home for years to come.

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