Home Remodeling Tips That Can Make It More Attractive to Buyers

Remodeling your home is a major step to beautifying your home. If you are looking to sell your home, doing a remodel right before putting your home on the market can help you make an extra few grand off your home, making it a solid move. While plenty of renovations and remodels are to increase the utility of your home to increase its value, some are to make your home more aesthetic. Both are great ways to make your home more attractive to buyers, but not every remodel decision is created equally. Here are a few tips to help you choose the most effective remodels to make your home as attractive to buyers as possible.

A Guest Bedroom

The first thing you think about adding is a guest bedroom. Most people have family members and friends that come to visit occasionally and having a dedicated bedroom for guests is a major selling point for a lot of buyers. Extra space and extra bedrooms are always more desirable traits for a home. Even without adding a square foot and simply converting an office or workout room into a bedroom you can increase your sale price by a couple thousand dollars. Adding a guest bedroom is one of the smartest and most effective ways to make your home more attractive to buyers.

A Patio

Everybody loves a great outdoor space to spend time with friends and family in. If your house doesn’t already have a patio, putting one in before you sell can be a great way to add space to your house for marginal costs. Unlike with a traditional addition where you need to construct new walls and roofing, a patio simply requires some hardscaping or wood, and you are set to go. This means that adding a patio gives you a greater return on investment than many other renovation projects you might consider when you are looking to sell.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are one of if not the most attractive element you can add to a home for buyers. Hardwood floors are easy to clean, sturdy, and durable, often lasting for decades or even a century before necessitating a replacement. There are tons of options for hardwoods, both in stains and types of wood you can use. Do your research and make sure you choose a hardwood flooring option that works with the style and aesthetics of each room in your house. Adding hardwood floors will give buyers a sense of sophistication and craftsmanship in your home that they will be willing to pay a premium for.

Gas Stoves

Buyers love gas stoves. Gas stoves are industry standard in the culinary field, and for good reason. Gas stoves offer the most precise and adjustable temperature control of any stove type on the market. This allows you to make on the fly adjustments nearly instantaneously to the temperature of your stove top to make sure that your dishes turn out perfectly. When choosing a gas stove, you are opting for gas hookups to your house, but you also have the option to use tanks. You can use 120-gallon tanks to fuel your stove and other gas appliances. Whatever you choose, offering gas stoves to your buyers will make your home instantly more attractive.

Fresh Paint

There are few problems in a home that a fresh coat of paint can’t solve. If you haven’t painted your wall within the last two years, you would be surprised how a fresh coat of paint could increase your home’s attractiveness to buyers. When homebuyers see freshly painted walls and ceilings, they may not recognize that it is freshly painted, but what they will recognize is that the walls and ceiling are perfectly painted, with not a chip or inconsistency or any sign of wear and tear, which will show them the care and maintenance that has gone into your home. Get your home painted by a professional before you sell, and you will earn your money back by the fistful.

Professional Staging

While this is not technically a “remodel” so to speak, it is certainly something that will make your home infinitely more attractive to buyers. Professional staging for your open house, and pictures for the sale online will make your home so much more attractive to buyers. While staging services are not inexpensive, they are always worth it. When professional stagers get to design the perfect dressing and furnishings for your home, they can make it not just homey, but elegant, pristine, and inviting to buyers in a way that your own personal furniture may not work for all buyers. If you haven’t considered a professional stager, now is the time.

Update Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are some of the most trafficked rooms in your home, updating your older bathrooms before selling your house can help you sell your house for more money, and faster than if you left them be. Go for newer appliances, granite countertops and a modern shower or tub. If you go the shower route, you should highly consider glass doors to give your bathroom a modern and elegant feel at a cheap price point. Updated bathrooms can help you garner and interest more buyers at a very fast pace.

Finish Your Basement

The last piece of advice is to finish your unfinished basement. If you have an unfinished basement, you are sitting on a gold mine to make your home more attractive and more valuable in the eyes of homebuyers everywhere. When your basement is finished, you are giving your buyers a whole extra floor of usable space in your home. When your basement is unfinished, you are offering storage and opportunity. But when you finish your basement, you are offering a playroom, living room, office, bedroom, bathroom, television room, home gym, or any combination of these that fit in your basement. Be smart and finish your basement before selling.

Selling a home is never easy. Even when the market is high, there are always methods to make your home more valuable and more attractive to buyers. Make sure you start with these eight tips to make sure that you are putting your house in the best position to be sold for the highest price as quickly as possible.

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