Home Improvements That Require a Permit-min

There is nothing as exciting as updating your home and bringing new amenities or correcting repair issues with your home. There is always something new that you can update and improve in your home, which is why you. Can sometimes feel that you are constantly starting new home improvement projects after completing the previous one. But you can’t just rush in full steam ahead into every single home update out there. Some of them require permitting to complete legally to ensure safety of the home. Here are three kinds of home updates that require permits to complete legally and safely.


The first home update that can require a permit is fencing. Yes, even something as little as putting up fencing around your property can require a permit in certain cases. In fact, in most cases you are required to get a permit to build any outdoor structures, including fences. Luckily, most fences get approved easily, so long as they follow local building codes surrounding height, design, and material regulations. Just make sure that you check with your local town office to see if you are required to get a permit in your area to build a fence and do that right away.

Solar Panels

Another home update that may require you to get a permit is installing solar panels on your property. Installing solar panels on your roof or in your backyard is a very common home upgrade nowadays to help protect the environment and lower your electric bills. Solar panels will need to be approved by your local government. If you are considering installing solar panels on your property, make sure to talk to your town office or visit your local government website to see what permitting process you may have to go through before you may install your solar panels.

Removing a Load Bearing Wall

The final home update that is going to require a permit to complete legally is removing a load bearing wall. To take an old home and give it an open layout on the main floor, you may have to remove a load bearing wall. These are walls that support the weight of the home or contain crucial plumbing and electrical wires and pipes. These permits can be confusing to get, but they are important and must not be skipped.

Updating your home can feel amazing when it’s all said and done. But the process of updating your home is a difficult one, make sure that if you are considering any of these three updates that you are getting your permitting squared away right off the bat.

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