Additions Everyone Should Consider for Their Backyard

Having a backyard is a major benefit to owning a home. But unless you put thought and time into designing a backyard with nice additions and features, your yard can feel like just another space to maintain. Luckily, there are a lot of nice additions to your backyard that can transform it into a space you are proud of and love to spend time in. 


Great hardscaping makes it easier to move through and enjoy your backyard without having to traverse over grass or dirt. One way to add more hardscaping to your yard is by building a patio. A simple way to add a patio is with poured concrete. Poured concrete patios are generally easy to have installed and easy to maintain. You can also use different materials like brick, flagstone, or tile. Flagstone can be laid in a bed of sand or gravel, which adds texture to your yard, and makes it easier to replace if you choose to change your hardscaping later on. Be sure to check if your municipality has regulations regarding permitting. If you have a larger yard, you can add a hardscape path to wind through your garden or lawn to improve circulation. 

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating will help make your backyard the kind of place where people want to stay and relax for a while. On your patio, adding a table and chairs or a porch swing creates comfortable places for people to enjoy the backyard. If you have, or are considering an outdoor dining set, make sure you have planned out everything before making the investment, such as where it will go and the vibe you want. Adding a comfortable bench in your garden or lawn can create a great place to read and enjoy nice weather. Even the best outdoor seating is not enjoyable if there is no shade, so consider adding umbrellas or a covering to your patio.

A Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens allow you to extend your living space and are great for entertaining. You can customize your outdoor kitchen to include the appliances you want, like a pizza oven, a grill, and/or a smoker. Your outdoor kitchen can include a bar and prep area. Outdoor kitchens make grilling and cooking easier because there is more space to move around. When you are grilling, an outdoor kitchen saves you from making trips in and out of your home to get food and supplies. Adding a miniature refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen will save space in your indoor refrigerator and make it easier to access the ingredients you need. Another great benefit is that it keeps food smells out of your house. 

A Fireplace

A great reason to add an outdoor fireplace is that it extends the months out of the year that you can enjoy your backyard. Now you can be outside in the winter or during the cooler evening hours and still feel comfortable. A fireplace requires a lot of maintenance to keep clean and running efficiently. You can customize your fireplace to compliment the style of your home. An outdoor fireplace can be built anywhere since you are not constrained by existing walls, as you are inside of your home.

Water Feature

If you want your backyard to be a tranquil oasis, consider adding a water feature. You can do this by adding a fountain or pond. Water features add texture to your yard and are soothing to be around. You can build an in-ground waterfall and pond with natural stones and some plumbing. If you are not afraid of a water feature that requires a bit more maintenance, consider building a koi pond. Koi ponds are beautiful features for your yard, but do require regular cleaning and of course, feeding of the fish. For smaller yards, a water wall is a fun accent that fits up against your fence. If you want to add water to your yard in a low maintenance way, a simple bird bath can invite nature in and create visual interest.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are highly coveted backyard features, for good reason. Swimming pools are great places to cool off in the summer and spend time with family and friends. Swimming is great exercise, so having a pool right in your backyard can have health benefits. They are a great investment that increase the value of your home. Swimming pools can be accented with fun lounge seating, a nice pool fence, and, if your pool is deep enough, a diving board. A well-designed swimming pool can become the focal-point of a backyard, especially if you add complementary pavers on the pool deck.

Vegetable Garden

A vegetable garden is another great addition to your backyard. Vegetable gardens are fun to care for, and allow you to have fresh produce that you get to pick yourself. Gardening can be a very mindful activity that can relieve stress. Find the right area of your yard that receives enough sun and is far enough away from trees and other features of your yard. Figure out what size garden beds you want to build, and what kinds of vegetables would work best for your climate. Then you can plant whatever vegetables you enjoy the most.

Fruit Trees

If you want to have a more colorful and shaded yard, consider adding fruit trees. Depending on the season, your tree will produce colorful flowers that become the fruit you will get to enjoy. When picking your tree, remember to take into account where you live. Citrus trees like lemons, limes, and oranges, do better in warmer climates, while apple trees can grow in most climates. Most fruit trees are relatively low maintenance, and picking the fruit when it is ripe is a fun activity. Regularly inspect your tree to make sure it stays healthy. Keeping your fruit tree healthy will help prevent disease so it keeps producing good fruit. 

Your backyard does not have to be plain and boring. By adding the right features that fit your interests and lifestyle, you will create a space to love as much as the inside of your home. Soon your backyard will be the place to be year-round.

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